can't Spotify be better

can't Spotify be better

I have Premium and a Macbook Pro with the latest OS.  Number one, my Spotify app on this computer never works.  When I open it, nothing loads.  It's impossible to use.  I've tried all the fixes on this site, and it doesn't work. 

So then I try to use it on my mobile (iPhone), and it works fine, but maybe sometimes I want to make playlists and find new music.  I don't always want to rely on your  algorithm.  I know you've "automated" music discovery, but the thing is, music discovery is fun for me, and I would prefer to do it on my own, no algorithm required.  What's more, we've seen time and time again how your algorithm pushes mainstream artists into every playlist (like that time when Drake was in every playlist) and I don't want that.  So when I want to make playlists or find new music, I want a large screen so I can see what I'm doing.  but Spotify doesn't work on my desktop.  So sometimes I use my work computer, a PC, and log into the Open.Spotify page.  Except this has all sorts of weirdly limited functionality, like I can't rearrange playlists (?).  Can you please fix these problems so that a paying user like me can actually use your product?  

All these problems aside, I ALSO find it really hard to browse for music in Spotify.  Like if I want to go through my library, all the artists are thumbnails that take up a lot of space.  I would much rather look at a more streamlined list of just their names.  It takes up way less time.  iTunes would let you customize your view for your music library so that you could switch between a list view, a thumbnail view, etc.  Spotify doesn't seem to have a feature like that and it's honestly really annoying.  I feel like despite your endless catalogue I always end up listening to the same songs because it's just easier than trying to find new stuff, or even stuff I already know but forget about because it is like buried in my library somewhere.  I don't want to use your "just for you" playlists.  I want to make my own playlists.  This is how I like to consume music.  I've been burning tapes, then CDs, for my whole life, and I was able to still have that music experience with iTunes, and also with other products like Soundcloud and 8tracks, but for some reason the UI is so clunky and clickbait-y on Spotify and it just results in me getting bored with your immense catalog frequently.  Can you please fix this?  Give me a "list view" option for my library.  Give me options to turn off all your algorithm-generated content that is constantly crowding my view.  I don't want to see your "recommended for this playlist" or "just for you playlist" picks.  I want to be able to interact with the music on my own terms.  I'm sorry if I'm complaining, but I have been a paying customer for years, and the UI changes I see have just made my experience as a user worse.  I'm basically using Spotify now because of inertia, but I hate the product and I am starting to migrate more and more of my listening to other products where there is more user control.  It's also**bleep** that Spotify is so slow that it doesn't work on my up-to-date computer.  I am posting this here because I want to give your developers a chance before I just stop paying for this service, but I have tried posting here before, and let me tell you, the delayed and unhelpful responses on this forum are just another way that Spotify could be better.
I feel like the narrative I hear in the news is how Spotify is bad for indie artists because of how little they make per stream, etc., but that the product is so convenient and irresistible that we all just stomach that.  I'm here to say that in my experience, I do not find your product convenient in the slightest.   

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Would love it if someone from Spotify would reply to my issues 

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