have to keep reinstalling app to be able to play music


have to keep reinstalling app to be able to play music

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I can't play any music for more than a few seconds. When I reinstall the spotify app it works perfectly until I shut down my computer. When I re-start it and log back into spotify, it doesn't work again. Sometimes a blue bar across the top says "can't play current song" but sometimes it is just silent and the time playing doesn't progress. I've tried various settings suggestions like turning off  acceleration and turning on cross-fade, but it never works after the computer has been off. I'm not going to pay for an app that has to be re-installed every day and I keep losing all the downloads for offline listening. What can I do to solve this?

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Hi there @shirley100,

thanks for reaching out about this !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

Is it possible for you to check your current Spotify account on this device using a different network ?


It'll help determining if this is a system/network related issue or an account one.


Furthermore, performing a clean reinstall of the app as suggest on this Spotify answer is better than performing the usual one. 


I would also make sure that your system and audio drivers are updated and that there isn't an active firewall or anti-virus app blocking Spotify.


The blue bar claims that tracks aren't playable means that there's a connectivity issue with your currently used network - i would also suggest unplugging your modem/router for a full minute and to check again.


Keep me posted 🙂


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It definitely wasn't a connectivity issue  because I was doing various other things online a lot of the time and the problem was always solved by reinstallation of the app, not resetting the router etc.

I've solved the problem though so thanks for your response. It was either because I re-installed from the windows app store as you suggested rather than the website as I did before (this seems to have been different because, for example, it hasn't put an icon on my desktop), or because I have now allowed spotify to "remember me", which it seems to do even after re-starting my laptop.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.