how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify


Re: how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify


It's a little confusing to figure out, but SoundTouch does work with Spotify now, and it works very well - but it works from the Spotify software, not from the Soundtouch software. You have to have the Premium version of Spotify, and then you install your SoundTouch as a "device" on Spotify." You use Spotify software on your SmartPhone or PC to select the music you want to play - and it works beautifully, once you've figured out how to set it up and operate it.


I'm one of those people who likes to figure things out, so I found it fun to set this all up. Then I let my Premium membership lapse to Free, and it doesn't work any more. And I find I'm just as happy, and don't have to pay $10 a month for Spotify. I have a large music library of my own, and I find I don't listen to Spotify enough to justify spending $10 a month.



Re: how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify

Is it correct that Spotify doesn't work when being played from a Mac, even if you download the Mac App?

Re: how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify

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Ya you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter for the aux port for $50 at best buy

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Re: how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify

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Finally, finally got Spotify to recognize my Bose Soundtouch. It would not work with my LG G2 Android phone, but it did with my iPad, and now the Droid works, too. It sounds good, but I still prefer Sonos.

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Spotify and Sonos work brilliantly together. BFM

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I find that playing music from the Spotify App Sounds far less loud and clear than playing Spotify from the Bose App (Explore--Recents)
How can I get to play my Spotify Music Library directly from Bose App???
I would appreciate some feed back about this)

*I have Soundtouch SA4 Amplifier with its Wireless adapter playing with the 251 SE outdoor speakers.

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I have a Bose Cinemate 520 Surround Sound System with Soundtouch adaptor installed in my Living Room. I also have several Bose Soundtouch S30 units in various places around the house. I often play music from my Iphone using Airplay with each of the S30s as independent Soundtouch devices, this has worked flawleslsy since I invested in an Airport Extreme Router.


Every now and then when home alone I use the Soundtouch app on my Macbook Pro to group/link all Soundtouch devices, broadcasting excellent quality music.


There is an option to signup for a free Deezer trial within the Macbook Pro Soundtouch app and registering enables music from the Deezer library to be broadcast to any combination of Soundtouch devices. Using the Soundtouch app for IOS enables the same control of music library and grouped devices.


Within the Soundtouch app on the Macbook Pro there is an option to link the Soundtouch Group Control to the IOS Spotify Connect app provided as part of the Premium package. This enables library control from the IOS device, also the Macbook Pro Spotify app and grouped device control works in the same way.


The Deezer workflow from inside the Macbook Pro Soundtouch app is pretty good, however I prefer using the connectred Spotify app on the Macbook Pro and/or IOS. Given the magnitude of the music library, the sound quality, functionality and the superior workflow within the Spotify interface this is my preference.



 - Connection to the Bose Cinemate system using Airplay via Apple TV was spurious at best. The same scenario using an IOS device was flawless.

 - Due to Library limitations, Apple Music has been trialed and binned. It is a nicely integrated app but try searching for something by the Beatles. I also like Spotify, Mixcloud and Beatport in seperate locations.

 - The only tiny niggle with Spotify Premium is having to setup the connect app from the IOS device rather than on the Macbook Pro locally.

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Problem solved! A new SoundTouch software update came out today (I was prompted to update) and now Spotify is fully integrated into the Bose app! Works perfectly, will make you log into your Spotify premium account again though. But now you can access all Spotify features right from the SoundTouch app! Much easier. And seems to work a lot better too. Watch for the update and install it.

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I have a Bose SoundTouch 30 (III Generation) using the Bose SoundTouch App and the Spotify Premium Account.

When I play a certain album on my iPhone/Mac/iPad using the BoseSoundTouch App via Wifi transmission, there is only one song (not the whole album) played on my Bose SoundTouch 30. When I use Bluetooth the complete album is played on the Bose SoundTouch 30.


What went wrong? This happens only with the album "Glückmomente" by Prince Damien. All other artist albums on spotify work well.

Betreff: how do i use my bose soundtouch with spotify

Hi, some tracks are not available in all countries. So I am guessing
something is set up on your phone that makes your home country seem
different than it does to your sound touch directly. So the phone can play
the track while sound touch can't.