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latest update lag and unresponsive

latest update lag and unresponsive







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Windows 10


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latest spotify update causing an annoying problem, when I clicked play, it will not respond instantly but took 15-20 seconds, sliding volume as well, changing music even worst, yes I deleted local data will solved the problem but when I reload spotify it will started again those super laggy issues and randomly unresponsive.



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Hey @bramvera, help's arrived. 


Let's try a quick reinstall to see if it solves the issue. If not, restart your router, and also try with a different network connection. 


Further, did you try using the app on another device? And what happens if you use the Web Player?


Let us know and we'll help you out.

Reinstall won't fix this problem permenantly.

after reboot this issues is back and I'm getting tired of it.



everytime reboot I need to clear the whole Spotify **bleep** on C:\Users\SPOTIFYCRAP\AppData\Local\Spotify


but really? seriously?? 

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