mac osx 10.8.3 and spotify


mac osx 10.8.3 and spotify

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Hi all,


I am in my late sixties but to me spotify is the best thing to ever happen. I love my library and also the radio feature which allows me to drive every one mad while I search for new tunes. One of my grandchildren recently bought me a Nokia 510 windows phone which I like very much. The only problem is that to run it from my mac book pro I need to download the windows app and to do that I need to download OSx 10.8.3.

I have read with alarm that this will cause Spotify to crash. Aagh!! My brother in law has the latest mac operating system and it won't open anything none mac. i.e. only plays music from itunes. Didn't take long for Steve Jobs influence to leave did it? Dammed money men.

What would you tech savy folks recommend save me getting a cheap pc to run my phone off. I only need it for updates to the phone as i am not going to be gaming, Oh! and downloading photos of course. My mac won't download the drivers for my phone.


Any help very much appreciated.

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Hi. I'm not a Mac user but spotify works fine with recent MacOS versions and is fully supported for those by Spotify. As for the Nokia, there is no way to synch local files (files you own and have as mp3s etc on your laptop) so having it connect to spotify on your laptop won't be necessary. Playlists will show up on it automatically as these are stored on spotify's servers and, with a premium subscription, you will be able to listen to spotify content and download it to your Nokia over wifi or 3G/4G.



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Also, I'd be prepared for Spotify to be unbearable on your 510, if memory serves that is a Windows Phone 7 device which Spotify released an app for but it was never really supported and has since been discontinued (with Windows Phone updates on Windows Phone 8 only). 



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