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media player and spotify pause on use of the "N" key

media player and spotify pause on use of the "N" key








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Windows 7


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 a while ago i had donloaded spotify on my PC for background music while i work but it would pause on the use of the "n" key and while typing you can guess how annoying that gets. so after searching and doing everything but asking on a forum i whiped my PC thinking maybe it was a softwear issue, at the time i was using windows 10. Now after reformating i am still getting the same issue but now im on windows 7. is there any way to disasble that hotkey? i have a keyboard with pause and skip keys already on it and on't need a extra pause button

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Hey @hasslich1680,


Sorry for the delay. That sounds odd. Have you tried using another keyboard to see if the issue reappears? If it doesn't, there might be something with the keyboard itself that needs to be checked. 


Keep us posted 🙂


Thanks for the reply. It seems I jumped the gun finding a solution, after
trouble shooting it myself it ended up being mechanical problem with my
keyboard where multiple keys had poor mapping

Hey there @hasslich1680,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop 🙂


Glad to hear that everything is working as it should now!





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