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missing songs from desktop version

missing songs from desktop version







(Samsung Galaxy A50, assembled PC)

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( Android Pie, Windows 10)


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Hello guys,  i don't know if it is a personal problem or is an issue of the desktop version. In my Saved Playlist sometimes i cannot found some tracks, that i added previously on my Android device. If i search that missing songs i can find without problem, but i cannot listen it on my desktop device... Please help me...


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Hey @Volendrug, help's here. 


Sounds like there's some synchronization trouble between your devices. Let's try restarting your devices, and change network connection to see if that helps. 


If not, reinstall the app on both devices. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂


The problem is that i have 2 desktop devices and 1 android device. I tried reinstall the app from one of my desktop devices, for the first 2 weeks everything seems to be ok, but after this amount of time the problema reappeared. So idk what i can do to synchronize my account. 

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