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no notifications from following artists

no notifications from following artists

when i first started to use spotify, many years ago, the free account was perfectly amazing -- even on free account there was a wonderful notification bell with all news on artist we follow -- then the notification bell mysteriously disappeared and the news from the bands we follow moved to the middle of a bunch of advertising (even on premium accounts) to "new releases for you" on DISCOVER tab. it was bad but it worked for a while. in the last year a lot of trash that i wasn't following started to appear on "new releases for you" in the middle of the things that i was following (even on my premium account). but it didn't end here, today i found out that section filled with unwanted trash that i never decided to follow and NOT ONE SINGLE release for me. that section should be called "new releases for someone else".
So... my question now is simple: where can i find now the new releases notifications from the artists that i'm following?
i'm following a lot of artists and it's stupid to click each one of them everyday trying to find out what's.
anyway, seems that every horrible section on spotify is now filled with music that i hate. this is the worst premium account on anything that i ever subscribed. seems reasonable to start searching for an alternative if sopity premium is really this mess of ads 😕








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Windows 10 Pro x64


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where can i find now the new releases notifications from the artists that i'm following?

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my premium account continues to be filled with advertisement of bands and artists that i'm not following, and now even my recent play list is infected with hideous albums and musics that i never played. sometimes i even get splash advertisement on the start of the android app. both windows client and android apps are filled with ads on all my devices on a paid premium account. this feels like a fraud!

Hello @Paulgi

that's really weird indeed, and not quite the experience anyone wants to have with the app. 

However I never experienced this on myself, nor someone of my friends did. 

There could be a couple of reasons why you getting songs you don't like in these sections. 

I'll try to point out the reasons and maybe the solutions you can try to get the recommendations you want. 

About the question for the new releases from the artists you follow, I always enjoy my release radar on Fridays. For example, I have followed around 2k artists and I always have like 130+ songs in my radar. You can find almost every new song from the artists you'd followed there.


  • You listen to radios or collaborative playlists at work or at school, with mixed genres and songs 
  • Someone in your family or friend is listening on your account, who plays different music than you 
  • Someone shares you a link to a song and you play it (after that the song gets in your history and you may get similar recommendations) 

Possible solutions you can try:


  • Put more songs that you like in your library (the + save to your library button) 
  • If you listen to collaborative playlists or radio, turn on your private session, so the songs you don't like won't get in your listening history/database) 
  • If you're listening to radios try to vote the songs, eg. like or dislike them
  • Go on your profile and see which artists you're following, you or someone else may have accidentally followed some artists you don't like. Unfollow them, so you won't get similar to their music.

Sorry for the long reply, and appreciate for reading it. It'd be very nice if some of these tips come in handy for you. Happy listening!

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i never listen to radios or collaborative playlists, i only listen to full albums from individual bands or artists and not compilations.


no friend or family is listening to my account. my account is private and no one have access to my computer or phone. i can't imagine anyone hacking my devices just to play some lame musics in order to mess with my account 😄


i never click on shared links to spotify before i know exactly what i'm going to listen to. and even knowing it's extremely rare to happen. less than 1 time per year.


i have thousands of songs in my playlists, i usually add dozens every day.


i don't listen to radios not in spotify nor elsewhere.


i'm following hundreds of artists and my list is clean and neat.

still, i get this kind of pop up ads from time to time when launching spotify.still, i get this kind of pop up ads from time to time when launching spotify.i never played those things marked in red.i never played those things marked in red.

I have spotify connected to my last fm account on all my devices, so I know for sure that those weird things never played in my account. it's just forced advertisement trash on a premium account. like the trash from bands that i never followed but still appear on "discover new releases for you". all forced advertisement.

today spotify service became even worst.


now if i leave my desktop application open but not playing, after some time it starts automatically playing the most horrendous music i ever heard. things that i never ever even put in any of my playlist.


spotify is turning into a pure fraud. horible stupid service.


i'm paying and i have the service filled with ads and now this stupid thing even forces horrible promotional themes to automatically play.

Hey @Paulgi 

My listening habits are pretty much the same as yours. The thing that I have noticed is that sometimes when the album is finnished, Spotify starts to play music that they think is similar to the album/artist that I just listened. At the same time it is very good and very annoying feature, only because sometimes the new music is very good but sometimes that is horrible. And yes, I have had the same thing that Spotify succests music that I would never listen.

my account is still filled with trash everywhere, i lost the notifications from the artists i'm following and now when i pause my player it starts playing all kinds junk from hideous bands.


this feels like a huge fraud to me. spotify is billing me for a premimum account and injecting me with ads all day. i wonder what the point of the stupid premium account now.


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