no songs appearing in playlists


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thanks for trying but that didn't work :( 

Re: no songs appearing in playlists


i have same problem with pterv17.

i tried everything what Mantisentil said but its not working too.

what should i do now ?


Re: no songs appearing in playlists

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Hi @Mantisentil ,

I tried doing the same steps, but things won't budge.
I am also a Windows 7 user (32 Bit), and also a have Free Account.

When I tried to edit the 'hosts' file, it did not show any 'Spotify' word in it!
So I can't edit and save because it is already done! 
I did try reinstalling and restarting my pc but still the 'hosts' file did not have 'spotify' in it.

Also when I connect my phone with my PC, it shows my playlists' names but shows that the playlist is empty. Even though it works perfectly on the phone and I can still add and control songs on my phone through my laptop, but fianlly it won't play on my Laptop/PC.

What should I do now? Please Help!!