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"Alt Tabing" wont show the icon

"Alt Tabing" wont show the icon

Think that the picture says it all, i want the tab icon back. 
I have tried to reinstall it and it still wont get fixed

I run on update which i think should be the latest update

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Yeah, same problem here.


Could we please get a fix for this?

Anyone got any solution?

Some of us dislike the "Thumbnail Preview" when Alt-Tabing and prefer the classic small icons (see e.g.


Apparently, Spotify doesn't have an icon embedded in its executable (at least not in the correct place), so Windows will show a generic icon. This is also the case for many Windows native applications, like the calculator, and I don't know why.


Would Spotify developers happen to know why?





Update: I just found this, explaining how to do it - at least from Visual Basic:


Same problem here. Windows 10 with classic alt+tab (peek disabled).

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