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"Can't play the current song"

"Can't play the current song"




United States


Acer Nitro 5 laptop w/ Windows 10

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When I try playing any song from my playlist, after a few seconds it stops and says "can't play the current song" or just stops abruptly. I've had this problem many times, and I can't find out why. It also happens on the web player! 


Methods I've Tried:

-Restarting the app

-Clearing my cache

-Reinstalling Spotify

-Giving up (okay, maybe not this one)

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That happens to me too. I demand a solution to this problem. Many people have it for a long time. I am from Argentina and more than a month ago I can not listen to music on my PC. I'm going to unsubscribe ...

i've had the same problem since saturday, i just fixed it by uninstalling my current spotify download and downloading an older version, you can find some just by googling "old versions of spotify" !!

Tried that solution and it didn't work 😕

Can you provide a link to your playlist. So I see if I receive the same error?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This worked for me! (Downloading an older version was what I tried)

Yup, downloading an older version works.

Here's the link to the website I used to download the older version:

Either use the version that is linked or a previous one because these are the versions before the bug! (Version is the f*cked up one. Ugh Spotify, get your sh*t together! Honestly.)


Hope this helps. Happy listening!

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