"Create similar Playlist" not creating any new playlists

"Create similar Playlist" not creating any new playlists


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I like to use this feature almost always to discover new songs and form playlists, however it seems unresponsive in any instance. I am aware you cannot use this feature on playlists not formely created by you. I have also reinstalled the app and logged out, multiple times. I have tried on other PC/Laptops and other accounts also premium. The option is not greyed out and is highlighted/available (see image) when I click it but doesn't respond to any clicking. All other options from right clicking incl. delete playlist, download etc. work except this one. Sometimes they used to take a few seconds to create (probably because it was calculating) and I have waited for as long as 5mins for one to be created. So I am more then certain this isn't a current issue with my device or account. 


I don't like the radio because it has the worst algorithm and it heavily pushes bands that aren't even related to playlist at all but are my mostly listened to genre eg. I'm listening to a playlist of rap / radio starts playing indie pop/rock (which is probably what I listen to most). Those two are completely different. I know there is also discover weekly which is quite good for the most part but only changes once a week and again, based heavily off what you listen to mostly.


What has annoyed me the most is that a lot of PC features aren't usable on phone devices. So I can't further test this on other devices. I've seen this issue come up before but that was when you introduced no longer being able to use it on other playlist and only your own. I haven't seen anything relevant for over 3-4 years now. 


I like to make playlists or find new artists for friends and family to really help them get into genres they wouldn't otherwise enjoy. Or simply just find songs they like. 

Sorry for the long report. Just really miss having this feature. Hope everyone is staying safe. 





VIC / Australia



Operating System

Windows 10


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Hey there @tjennever,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Don't worry. Help is here 🙂


We can see you've tried many troubleshooting steps. We can't recreate the issue from our end and we can add a few more thing to try out.


Can you check these steps to make sure your device's cache is not leading to this issue? 


You can also try downloading the app from the Microsoft store.


Let us know how it goes. If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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I have the same issue with the desktop client on Mac (Spotify version:


I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, including clearing the contents of the "PersistentCache/Storage" folder and nothing happens when you click "Create Similar Playlist" on any of my playlists. I've tried creating new playlists and the feature simply doesn't work any more.

The option isn't greyed out and looks like it should work, but nothing happens.


Please let me know if there are any other troubleshooting steps to try. I love this feature, as it's one of the best ways to discover new music similar to what you already like.




Hey Elena,

Thanks for getting back and providing some troubleshoots. Unfortunately it still doesn't seem to be working for me. I signed out of every device and removed the cache off PC and phone (just in case). Didn't know it was on the microsoft store.


Unistalled the desktop version and reinstalled on the store but this wasn't able to fix the issue either. Does this actually work for anyone over on your end? Is there anyway I could downgrade my version and test on that?


I just installed the new desktop client update on Mac today (Spotify ver:, and this feature works again!!! YAY!!!


Create Similar Playlist feature is back!


Thanks Spotify Devs for fixing this.


I too am having this issue. I bailed on this version and went back to it works there but if I quit the app, it will install the latest version and probably die again

Just saw it working a couple of days ago too, bless!
Let us hope it ain't going to happen again.

Thanks Spotify.


I am on a Windows desktop so this may not work for you. But I hit Ctrl+ A to select all the songs in the playlist. Ctrl+C to Copy. Then went to my new empty playlist and hit Ctrl+V. Hope this helps

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