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"Discover" completely bugged?

"Discover" completely bugged?



since about 1 month or more im almost only listening to hip hop, trap and this kind o music.

But in discover theres not even one Trap song, not even one hip hop song?!

Also it only says that i was listening to very few bands, and the last time i was listening much to those bands was about half a year ago!!

(One of the bands 50% of the recommended songs come from is Seeed, last summer i was listening much to seed, now i only hear it once in week)

After about 50 Songs it starts to throw random stuff at me, popular songs etc, the kind o stuff i really dont want to hear...


Please fix the discover function or remove it.




Sorry for my bad english

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Check out this idea here:


Add a kudo and a comment. If it really is a bug, it should be fixed soon.

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