"Installing" Spotify clears my last 'rememered' song and also playlist.


"Installing" Spotify clears my last 'rememered' song and also playlist.

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If I quit the Windows Spotify app, then restart it, it remembers what song I was listening to, and I can click on the Play button to resume listening to that track, and also whatever playlist I was listening to, for example a list of albums in the saved artists section.


However, if I quit Spotify, then restart it, and I see the message "Installing" as it presumably updates the app, the last played song is not remembered by the app, and I have to guess whereabouts I was in a playlist, to continue and resume listening to that artist's saved albums.


So when "Installing" occurs, which is about once every fortnight, is there any way to get Spotify to remember and resume playing my last played track before I exited Spotify and then restarted it?


Thanks for any comments/help/advice.