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"Popular" section of artist page

"Popular" section of artist page







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My Question or Issue

I asked this before and it seems like such a no brainer I can't believe I have to ask it again after all this time:


Why is the section called "Popular," which would imply is dedicated to the most popular tracks by the artist,  not sorted by popularity??? That makes zero sense. Instead, there appears to be no particular rhyme or reason to the order of tracks.

2 Replies

I think it sorts them by the amount of plays they have gotten recently in a given space of time, not overall. That's why you see new releases at the top of the list sometimes, it may have less plays overall but more people are currently listening to the artist's new music, pushing it up to the top. I guess you can think of it as "trending?" 


That's just my theory anyway.

That would at least provide an explanation of the random sort order.

However, I would still argue that it defeats the purpose of having a
"Popular" list. If it's trending tracks, call it "Trending." Popular
implies a list of the most listened to tracks by that artist.

The reason it's an annoyance to me is because I frequently explore new
artists. As with anyone who is new to a band, you want to dive in with
their most popular stuff now. Instead of grabbing the first two or
three songs and quickly adding them to my queue or saving them to a
list, I have to expand the list from five to ten and then look for an
individually select the most popular.

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