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"Post Flooding Detected" Why?

"Post Flooding Detected" Why?

I've just received this message when trying to post a comment, and I have no idea why though. It's not like I have done anything bad or illegal, so why is this happening to me?

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Hey @CboyC95 


The Community has methods in place that monitor unusual activity to avoid spam, so that's why you might be seeing this message.


Please let me know where and what did you want to post, feel free to add any screenshots on the issue as well. 🙂


Have a nice day!

In my case, I


  1. Tried to submit a post
  2. Got an error
  3. Fixed it and tried to submit again
  4. Got blocked from posting for an hour because "Post flooding detected (user tried to post the same message more than 1 times in 3600 seconds)"

The spam detection shouldn't block on duplicate messages if the first one was unsuccessful.


Spam detection is great for the community, but it's definitely buggy and makes it hard to post legitimate content.

Hi @jamesarosen,


Thank you for posting on this thread. 


We're sorry to hear that you struggled to post here. We can confirm that the message you mention is there to protect the Community from spam, and unfortunately on occasions it can pop for users who get an error message. 


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience.

If you need help with anything else, just let us know 


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I agree. I tried to post and was told "Only 8 tags allowed!" which it never said BEFORE I added the tags. So I remove one. Post again, get told "Choose a label!". So I add a label. Then I post again and get told "These are invalid labels!" So I finally go back, select the pre-loaded labels, hit post and then "Post flooding detected!"


I never posted anything, what flood are you exactly referring to?


Want to know how to fix this? Use basic, best practice when you design your webpages.


- Add "Choose from the labels below" instead of letting you type them in, only to be told you can't use them after you post.

- Add "Choose up to 8 tags" under the message tags section instead of telling you this after you post.

- Put an asterisk * by fields that are mandatory so you know you must add a label

- Make post flooding only register for successful posts.


Even if the flood system itself was unchanged, basic best-practice web design would avoid many of these situations in the first place. The experience is just like User Inyerface (Google it)



A web designer.

Musician, and lover of music.

I'm discussing on multiple related threads at the same time, mostly because some of them have been (incorrectly) closed by moderators so I'm trying my luck on others to maximize odds of the dev team / moderators seeing my updates.


So the spam protection is just getting in my way. I'm already checking a box for the CAPTCHA, I think this should be enough? Or at least keep the limit at 30s which is the time I'd take to write and send my message anyway, and it's big enough to prevent bot spamming. But 5mn is unnecessary (unless you're dealing with a massive global social network like Twitter, and them are just fine with it, however they will let you report spam and punish it after it actually happens).


EDIT: wow, I surprisingly managed to post this one less than one minute after my previous post. Maybe the 5mn limit is not systematic after all?

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