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"See All" songs in search stop loading

"See All" songs in search stop loading




United States


Dell Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When searching for songs on Spotify and choosing to "see all", songs will not load after a certain point. If you scroll down, after 80 songs a loading wheel will appear which never goes away. Previous versions of Spotify did not have this issue, and would let you scroll far past 80 songs. Clicking "see all" on Artists, Albums, Playlists, etc. also seems to have a maximum of 80 results each. This issue still occurs on other wifi networks and on other laptops / macbooks.


44 Replies

Glad to know I'm not the only one having this problem - I await the responses with interest.


In the meantime, I'm not going to do any more searches until Spotify fix this or someone comes up with a solution - I'm a classical music fan and the search results are clogged up with enough rubbish as it is!


not only songs , albums , podcast ,playlist stop loading from Spotify {snip - Community Moderator edit} version for more than few items. 

you can easily test it using interface on web

by giving populer search term like Rock. the SOLUTION  is go back to earlier version from sites like (or earlier  version than 1.1.1.xx) which doesnot have this problem .

Spotify should fix this As soon as possible as it is big downgrade.


Same problem here!
I want to find some new song by searching playlists but after a few scrolling it doesn't load more playlists.  However on "" everything works perfectly. I'd be very pleased if they would fix this problem asap.

Also please report to spotify support (chat option) under Technical issues-> other catagory

if there are enough people who report this additional pages of song/playlist is not loading to support and ask them to forward development team then they might fix this MAJOR bug/defect in coming release. till then disable auto update or run old installer till the spotify desktop fix this bug.

Hey @markythu @SumBuddy @prashantk99 @MusicFanatic2! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry that your app isn't behaving the way it should.

Please be aware that this issue is already under investigation.

Be sure to check this ongoing issue thread for more details about it. ^^



Thanks for explaining, it works great again, without help from spotify..... they did not help at all....


Hey! @posthuma621 


I'm glad it's working for you again. ^^



I've been having this same problem for months. Would someone have an older version to send me (last year, maybe)? I hate doing a search and can not find because of this infinite loop...

So, been like this for several days now. Reloading/re booting nothing works. Just the same spinning circle of death after 80 songs.

Go to:, search for spotify, click on downoad (latest version) yo will se also a bar with older versions, open this and download version

Spotify works great again, but you have to stop upgrading Spotify . if it has been upgraded again, you have to repeat these steps again, succes

Thanks for the help. Tried it and the program list says it's downloaded the older version but I still get the same result - ongoing circle.... Also tried to reinstall the app but I'm now getting the error 17 code. It is still fine on my tablet and the I phone but the laptop doesn't want it. Any suggestions..?

Success at last. After wondering about the error code I looked around this forum a bit more. Did the "start in safe mode" trick as advised there and bingo. Downloaded with ease, whole library is back and showing without the circle of death. Thanks to all who write here, didn't have a clue without your help.

The same thing remains here. I have reinstalled, restarted, updated, and continue the same thing! It has been like this since the beginning of this year. No updates fixed this. Worst of all: before I searched the browser as an alternative to this situation, but now even the browser search looks like this (attached image). Deplorable!


I've been downloading version on and the size is 63.4 MB, this size is larger than the app made available on the official website (890 KB). Is it really safe?

I don't think it'll do any harm. When I was doing it in safe mode it simply loaded and came up with the goods.

lloydhughes, excuse me. Explain best how you were able to fix this problem. From what I could understand, version did not work (error code 17), so you went back to the latest version and you were able to install this version through security mode?

Yes. I got into safe mode - and this is from a very non techy guy here - with networking. I then went onto the net and got spotify, opened it in my account and clicked down load app. I had to reduce the screen size percentage as the "click to download" icon was below the bottom spotify screen bar. It simply downloaded for me and worked. I then closed the computer and restarted. Everything worked fine and included all my library, all in a new format too which I presume is the latest.
I'm happy it's working although, apart from what I did, I have no ideas what made the difference.

Thank you my friend. I will try this.

Ok, version worked perfectly, the search does not stay in the infinite loop. I installed both in the safe mode (as the friend lloydhughes recommended) as well as in normal mode (here "error code 17" did not occur). However, I now have another terrible situation: the app automatically updates when you close it and open it again. If there is any update to the latest versions the "infinite loop" reappears. Now my question is: does anyone know how I can disable automatic updating of Spotify on Windows desktop?

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