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"Some Songs Won't Play" - The 3+yr Issue?

"Some Songs Won't Play" - The 3+yr Issue?







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My Question or Issue 

Here's what's hopefully a familiar-looking issue with maybe a little more detail than you usually get:

On the desktop app, after a while of use, which is what I guess to be a certain number or certain cumulative size of newly-cached songs, I can no longer play anything new that I hadn't listened to prior. When selecting a song, I see a black LP instead of an album cover and nothing plays. The song is available, green and selected, but there is no artist or song info in the bottom portion of the player. The song duration also does not update. The songs will play fine on Android.

The issue doesn't stop there, as songs that are featured on Spotify-created playlists will all play regardless of the state of the app. I can play Grindin' by Clipse,  but can't play songs 2-5 on the popular list for Clipse. If I load up "I love my 90s hip-hop", every song in the playlist will play regardless of whether I actually listened to them before the issue creeped back up or not.

I just put "random" in the search bar to pick a random artist and got the artist "Random Recipe". I am unable to play any song at all. If I search for Korn and try to play all 10 songs from their popular list, I can play songs 1,2,3,4,6 and 9, all of which I'm pretty sure are on a spotify playlist somewhere, because they're not saved to my songs or playlists nor have I listened to any of them since last reinstall. Nothing in the crashpad folder because this isn't a crash. 

You've heard this one before, right? You have to have, because I see threads about this going as far back as 2016, which is absolutely insane for a service with a paid option. Even if you were free across the board....3 years at least?

I've attached a meaningless screenshot of the issue you hopefully know full-well.

Next time I have to reinstall I'm cancelling my premium subscription. I hope others read this and follow suit if this thread ends up like all the others.

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I think it goes without saying not to copy+paste the ol' "can you try a clean install and see if that helps?" But I'm saying it anyway, lest you lose a subscription. We all know it helps, for a few days. We should not have to reinstall this app twice a week or more to keep it functional. Especially when a lot of us are paying $120/yr to play russian roulette with an online music player.

EDIT: Found the edit button too late 😞

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