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"Songs" in My Library Disappeared

"Songs" in My Library Disappeared







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Windows 10 Pro


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I am aware that if you're using Spotify for free, you don't have the "Songs" list under the "Your Library" section. On Spotify Premium, you have the "Songs" under the "Your Library" section where all the songs you saved are found. A few days ago I still had this list on the Spotify on my desktop (Windows 10) but it disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. I didn't notice when but it's been a few days. On my desktop it looks like I'm on Spotify Free, but on my iPhone I have the "Songs" list in my library. I have the "Liked Songs" under my library but other than that I can't find all the songs that I saved, not liked. I don't download the songs as well.


I have tried looking for it but it's not there anymore. This frustrates me so much because I'm paying for Premium but I can't get the FULL experience. I have tried logging in and out multiple times and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my desktop but it does nothing. I have also tried looking for chat support for quick help but I guess now that's not a function anymore.


Please RESTORE my songs list, this is such a nuisance.

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Hey, @abyooooow -


Thank you for getting in touch!


You should be able to find your saved songs under your Liked Songs section - The songs that you've liked should be automatically added to your library.


However, liking an album won’t automatically like all its songs - so if you add an album to your library it will be added to your Albums section, not your Liked Songs.


Check this out for more:


If you need anything else, please reply 🙂

Doesn't chat support work if you use the following link:


Do you recall if any of the missing songs were from albums that you had saved? Like IguanaSetup mentioned, songs from saved albums don't show up in the "my library", so you'd have to add each song from album you want to show up in the "liked songs".


On mobile, adding songs to your liked songs can be done in the following way: 

Click on the (...) on the album, and then on "like all songs".


I didn't see any "like all songs" from an album on desktop yet (please correct me if there is a quicker way...), so one of the ways of doing it on desktop is as follows:

1. Select all the songs in the album (shift+click on the first, then shift click on the last song)

2. Go to "liked songs"

3. Paste the selected songs into "liked songs"


It's always possible there's some other bug related to the transfer from "songs" to "Liked songs" though, in which case the notes about adding songs from albums isn't that much of help, but maybe the live chat can assist you.

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