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"Spotify Can't play this right now If you have the file you can import it."

"Spotify Can't play this right now If you have the file you can import it."








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Windows 10


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I am playing U2 songs of experience delux edition and its skipping most files with this error.  Anyone know how to sort it ? 


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Hey @joebhoy1888.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community about this 🙂


We recommend you head on over to this thread, where some users have posted working solutions to your issue already.


Hope that helps! If you need anything else, we'll be right here.



I've disabled Hardware Acceleration and deleted the local file under the only user on my C drive and I still can't play any song at all. When I try to play a playlist, all the names just flicker through and none will play. If I select any song on Spotify, I receive the same message noted in the title of this thread. Is this a known issue?

Hey @felixfelicis7.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Could you tell us if this is happening with all songs, or just with certain songs, and if so, which ones? 


I know this sounds obvious, but would you also mind performing a clean reinstall by following the steps outlined here? This can solve many common problems that our users experience, including this one.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be right here if you need any help 🙂

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