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"Your Time Capsule" loses sync via 2 pcs using Connect

"Your Time Capsule" loses sync via 2 pcs using Connect

I have "Your Time Capsule" open on my home pc playing, I then log into my work remote session (which uses all monitors), open Spotify and control what my home pc is playing - this always works great except this playlist.  I think it's because the playlist seems to update itself frequently so the the remote control spotify shows it playing a different track from the queue



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Hey @robigouk,


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This is odd behavior indeed. We'd like to gather some additional info. Just to check, would you mind describing what's exactly happening when trying to play said playlist with Connect? Since you mentioned it is not syncing, is the playback stopping once you try to listen to that specific playlist?

In this case, we recommend you start off with a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your devices. By doing that, the app can be up-to-date, and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can see the steps for a clean reinstall here.

On another note, would you mind sending us the make/model and OS of the devices on which you noticed this behavior, along with the Spotify version you're running there?

Lastly, just to confirm, has the app always been behaving like this, or does it start to happen after a specific event, such as an OS update? Please send us the details about it.


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