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"Your version of Windows is out of date" Banner needs to stop.

"Your version of Windows is out of date" Banner needs to stop.

  1. I am well aware that my version of windows is old. What I don't need is a constant reminder every time I open Spotify. Not to mention that this banner takes about 5-10 seconds to even load and I can't do anything until it does.
    Can this be disabled?

And now Spotify is shutting down on Windows 7?  What's the point of that?  I've been with you guys for so long.  What I don't have is money to buy a new computer.

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Go to: AppData\Local\Spotify\Browser\Local Storage\leveldb


Delete everything inside of it, it will be re-created when you launch spotify, it should remove the message. If you want, set it to read only aftewards, shouldn't hurt anything to do so or the message will popup again over time.

Oh, thank you very much.  So far so good.  No message.  

Thank you ! It helped me too.


But Spotify support and their app design is just ridiculous. This is the place where mostly users are helping to each other! And the support mostly just saying something meaningless.

Brilliant, this worked. I keep my windows up to date but it kept appearing. Contacted Tech Support and they had me uninstall and reinstall. It went away for a day. I even upgraded to Windows 11 and the message persisted. Now it's gone. Thank you.

Spotify, please get rid of this silly pop-up. I know Win 7 is old but it still works fine for me. It's annoying and it still returns after I delete as per above. Please.

I'm running the VERY latest windows 11 update. No spyware, nothing. Still gives me that error every time. Spotify tech support's only answer was to uninstall and reinstall. That took it away for one instance. Then it came up again. 

This worked for a few hours, now it's back. I give up. Even updated to Windows 11. All updates installed. Good job Spotify. Good job.

Spotify coders and creators, do you want to buy me new PC so I can use latest Windows and latest version of spotify??? Pay me now mf'ers.

They will block old clients starting may sometime... **bleep** this
I joined spotify 2008 when it was invite only and the last few years it has constantly gotten worse.

It's ridiculous that Spotify feels the need to monitor our OS and spam with pop ups - its purpose is to play music and nothing else.


I run Windows LTSE which doesn't get the same schedule of updates.  I don't need a music service telling me every time I start program that something is out of date.  It's not your job, and you're wrong.

Hey Spotify please disable this popup on every program start. This is not normal. You should only show this popup once

I have win 10 and i get the same popup every time

This popup is very annoying and delays the startup of the Spotify app. I know my Windows version is not the latest, but I can't update it because of special software I use in my profession. Why can't Spotify remove this horrible popup.

I have windows 10 I still have the message 

3 months later and still getting popups every time I start the program - ludicrous "feature" for a music playing app.

BTW The above is a disk path   \Users\currently_logged_in_user\Appdata  etc.. like above   
I wiped the _content_ of leveldb, not the subdirectory.  Seemed to have worked, although there is a bit of

a startup delay.  About 5 seconds, then Spotify starts, no message. 

When I launch Spotify, I get a pop-up saying that my operating system is out of date, despite being on Windows 11 and fully updated. I get the same pop-up when I try to update Spotify

Hi, when I'm searching latest Spotify version for Windows Phone 10 (still searching) on web archive i see in download/other Windows Mobile version i .cab file. I install this on Samsung i900 Omnia (2009). After open Spotify app i have small piece of some text (its bigger than my screen) I see "War.. (propably Warning) Spotify Mobile consu... of data. If you listen to or dow... mobile networks it is...". Someone know how can I run this app on Windows Mobile 6,1?

Hello there,

I've been reading this thread for months. I tried many things but couldn't get it fixed. Today, I decided to look into it again and I finally fixed this annoying and time consuming error message. Here's how it worked and it's permanent!


Go to: AppData\Local\Spotify\Browser\Local Storage\leveldb and delete everything in the leveldb folder (like what Nordica said earlier in the thread)


Then, right-click the "leveldb" folder and Properties > Security > Advanced.

Once the Advanced Security window opens, just remove the Access from everyone. You can let Full control to you. Just make sure you're an admin. From my side, I clicked Disable inheritance (in the yellow box) and it also works since i'm the owner.



So as you can see in the example above, you have to remove access to all the entries that have Full control so they cannot write again in the leveldb folder. If you just remove the files inside the leveldb folder, next time you launch Spotify, the system will add stuff inside that folder and you'll get the error message again. So make sure the system and everything else beside you don't have access. Make sure you have deleted everything in the leveldb folder before.

I did this because I can't set the folder to read-only... But with this trick, it works like a charm!


Once this is done, apply and OK. This is fixed now.


I hope this helps. Much love to everyone.

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