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random unwanted music

random unwanted music

or the past 7-8 days (it may have been after a software update, don't quite remember), while I am listening to my PlayList after 10-15th songs ,   some random vietnamese songs/albums start playing  (i .e. You used to love me from: Phuc TT Nguyen or ....)

It does not matter which playlist I listen to, these  music keeps disrupting the music stream. At some point,  I was not even able to stop the track and had to kill the app and go back to my own playlist. This has become very annoying and has made Spotify software/service useless. What is going on, and when this is going to be fixed?

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Hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ,


this sounds like your account may be compromised,

please change your password:


If this still happens please write back, 



I am unable to reset the device password, get an error on change password page. (error is attached)

Will change the password, however   I see the same issue happening on my iPhone, Android, and PC workstations. Kind of unusual for all my devices hacked at the same time.

Not sure, if it helps but I have a Spootify Premium, Family plan  with four accounts active.





did you create your account with Facebook or on





My account and login is via Spotify.

This is exteremely annoying, it happens on all my devices. My tablet, my Andriod, iPhone, workstations, laptops. This can not be an account compromise, it must be an infrastructure issue. What do I need to do to have someone from Spotify technical team look at this issue?


Hi again,


you can contact the Spotify Support by filling this form:

it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to get a reply.



I have exactly the same problem. A whole list of unwanted Nguyen music keeps randomly popping up. I changed my password, hopefully it stays away. Is this a bigger problem?

I have been having the same problem. I deleted my entire account, signed up again via the Spotify app rather than Facebook and thought my problem was fixed until it came back a few days later.

Same problem here, but it's some hip-hop music for a few seconds that happens between songs but not every time.  A few times/hour while playing some streaming (classical) music.  And it's the same music I hear each time.  I tried setting Crossfade but still get it.  My Spotify account and download are all brand new (downloaded earlier this week), and I'm logged in with Spotify on Win 10x64. I turned off AutoPlay but still getting it.  How to resolve this -- very annoying?

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