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search results mislead with 'no result found'

search results mislead with 'no result found'

Search results for two artists duo indicates that there is nothing found with given keywords although there actually is. For instance; searching for 'royksopp irrepres'  ends up with 'no result found' while still typing, but if you add only 's' to it as 'royksopp irrepress', it will finally show the duo track of those two titles. Many times it led me to think that I mispelled something which spotify doesn't tolerate much, therefore I either revise my present input or resist to the 'no result!' claim and keep typing.


in short, while typing for the second title of a search text, it is shown at each typing that no result is found with the given search, even if there actually is and it is shown when the search is completed.

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Partially typing your search term should return all possible results until you further narrow it down. For me, any of these terms will show me "Twenty Thirteen":


royksopp irrepress

royksopp irrepres

royksopp irrepre

royksopp irrepr


royksopp ir


Some tracks have regional availability. I'm located in the USA.

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