?si= Parameter in Spotify URL's


?si= Parameter in Spotify URL's

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So recently Spotify added a "?si=" parameter to song when you copy the url. This apparently gives the url a unique stamp in where it was copied and by who. This is seemingly due to new EU regulations.
However it's caused a problem for me.


Now I'm sure most of you know about Spotify's lacking shuffle feature, in that is doesn't really shuffle that well.


So like most other I have been copying my playlists and putting them into a randomizer before pasting them back into my playlist to get some sense of a shuffle every now and then, mainly since it seems weird that I hear the same 3-4 in every 30-45 minute session out of a playlist of 900+ songs.
Mind you I'm using the desktop app for this and copy by pressing ctrl+A in a list, then ctrl+C and then ctrl+V once I have finished randomizing it.
Before this worked like a charm. Now due to this parameter I can't paste songs back into my playlist anymore.


For example I can paste the following just fine into a playlist.




But the original that I got out of Spotify when copying the URL does not work.






Now onto my problem. When I tried pasting all the songs back into my playlist I deleted the current songs.

Then I found out I could not paste the songs.
The playlist was still there so I can't restore it and I now have a notepad document with the links of well over 900 songs.


Instead of manually sorting through them and deleting each parameter with and after "?si=" I figured I'd check here first to see if anyone has faced a similar issue and maybe knows a simpler solution.


Would also love for Spotify staff to pick this up and maybe have a look at why you can't paste things back into a playlist anymore.

Thanks for any help you all can offer. :)

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Re: ?si= Parameter in Spotify URL's


Hey @shijo87.


I've tried this on my end, and this parameter only shows up when you manually right-click a song > Share > Copy Song Link.


Could you send us the exact Spotify version you're using? Also, you can try using a different account to see if it behaves the same.


Keep us posted.

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Re: ?si= Parameter in Spotify URL's

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Hi @


Thanks for the reply!

I'm currently on version:


I'm not sure if that is the same version that I was using last week however so whichever version it was on last Tuesday (August 31st) was likely the version I was on back then.


Currently slowly sorting through the songs to remove the parameter but it's a pretty tedious task. I will get there in the end though.




Re: ?si= Parameter in Spotify URL's


I agree that while it is annoying, you can circumvent this issue by copying the Spotify URI instead of the Spotify Link


I suggest otherwise that you download and open up Notepad++, go to Search (Ctrl+F), go Replace, enter \?si=.*$ in Search for, leave Replace empty, now click on Regular Expression as Search mode then Replace All, now it should have removed ?si=X on all your lines for you.


Sincerely, Soitora