this song is not avaliable ...


this song is not avaliable ...

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**bleep** you spotify and **bleep** your system . ı have one year premium membership but ı cant play lots of songs. ı have reinstalled this **bleep** but ıt doesnt work. give my money back bastards

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Re: this song is not avaliable ...

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@demircohen01 sorry to hear that, it must be frustrating,


can you clarify your issue. when does this error message occur? does it occur on multiple devices?


as far as troubleshooting:


  • first i'd suggest you uninstall the app, restart your device(s) and then re-install.
  • next, you can sign out of all devices here.
  • clear the cache for the app.
  • i would suggest a fresh re-install of flash which you can do here.
  • check your firewall settings to see if spotify is blocked - turning off your antivirus briefly can isolate that issue.
  • try listening on a different device to see if the same problem occurs.