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tracks not working

tracks not working

okay so i was listening to spotify free on my pc with my playlist going while doing homework when it stopped playing music so i clicked into the program and it was paused. i pressed play then when it stopped a few seconds into the song again i noticed the 'cant play current track' banner up the top. the song was I'm Not A Vampire by Falling in Reverse. i decided just to skip it but then another FiR song didnt work so i tested all my songs. they were all fine but 4 out of 6 of the FiR songs i had added. i cant get them to work again and it is literally just that band not working. any help? 

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Try to logging out/logging in, if it doesn't solve the problem you must reinstall the app.

hey sorry for the completely late reply! the tracks began working a couple days later so there mustve just been a small mistake or bug. thank you for your help and warm welcomes!!

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