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An Afrobeat Take Over — Today's Amazing Afrobeat Bands & Their Incendiary Rebel Music


An Afrobeat Take Over — Today's Amazing Afrobeat Bands & Their Incendiary Rebel Music

Great bands all over the world play marvelous music based on the famous Nigerian groove — Afrobeat — its vibrant rhythms, raw energy, and rebel spirit. They add to the original sound with modern production elements, and blend in Jazz, Funk & Rock elements to give us an AfroBeat revival, as some people call it.


This playlist is dedicated to the new bands from around the world that have taken the Afrobeat sound as their own, and do remarkable things with it...updating it for international audiences & a new millenium.


Read more about these new bands, the classic masters like Fela Kuti, Tony Allen & Ebo Taylor at Watch videos and listen to more Spotify playlists there.


Afrobeat Masters & Their Stupendous StudentsAfrobeat Masters & Their Stupendous Students

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@FunkishAudio Great post, something interesting at last, will be checking this out. I've been preparing an Afrobeat one myself but you've beat me to it so might change to a weekly 15 track "mixtape", I'll let you know when it's done as it seems you have a passion for it.


Check out this my profile, lots of playlist I'm sure you'll enjoy.

@What_is_Soul Cool, I'm glad you dig the Afrobeat! I look forward to hearing yours when it's ready...

This is rad. Thanks.
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The Goods.

I'm glad you dig it!

@FunkishAudio finally got round to putting together Afro beat playlist, hope you enjoy



I'm listening to it right now,'s dope!






This is the Official Spotify playlist of Soundboination featuring Afrobeats Carribean And World Hit Songs . Join in with the Afrobeats Wave.  This playlist features Top Afrobeats music from around the globe. Updated Constantly.

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