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Any New Releases?


Any New Releases?



Does anyone have any single releases to share? If so please do? My new single ‘The Sceptic’ came out 24/03/2021 under the link below, thanks Duncan

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Hello Duncan!


I released my new album on the same day you released your amazing new single! My album is called "The Magic Umbrella". It is my very first studio album and it encompasses various ensembles, such as string orchestra, ukulele duo, and many more exciting combinations which I truly believe you will enjoy!

The link to my album is right here:


Thank you and best wishes!


here's a playlist full of new releases (i update it weekly every friday)

Our 6th album "WE ARE THE PEOPLE" was released just 4 days ago

Let us know how you feel about it

Hi there,

Hope you're well, if you get a free moment please would you check out my latest single 'Eruption'. I really hope you enjoy 🙂


Here is our new EP "The Rough Guide To Natural Philosophy" - EDM driven by strong bass lines.

Not mine, but i stumbled upon this and have been a bit glued to the song.

That track is great! Reminds me of Elliot Smith. I really like the change to the chorus.


If you have a spare moment, please check out our my new release - "The Rough Guide to Natural Philosophy". In these tracks, we experimented with more vocals than in our previous releases. It would be excellent to get your feedback, they are electronic music but I write some of the chord progressions on guitar first.

Hey Duncan! 


Released my newest single "Whatever Forever" on 8/27/21! Let me know what you think? It's alt pop!



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