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Any New Releases?


Any New Releases?



Does anyone have any single releases to share? If so please do? My new single ‘The Sceptic’ came out 24/03/2021 under the link below, thanks Duncan

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Diggin the vibes of your single "The Sceptic"! Me and my partner just dropped our debut album "Where Do We Go From Here?" It's a combination of Dance/R&B vibes! Check it out if you have the chance 🙂


Here's a song that came out today by some good friends of mine...
For fans of heavy rock and 3 part vocal harmonies, Good Enough is the first single by Brighton based Torrid (A Love Affair) and a teaser from the self titled debut album set to come out in Feb next year.
Hope you like it!

Hi! I'm Teo aka Paraíso en blanco, I've just released an alt tech song. 

Regards from Chile! 

Hi, this is Javier from Ireland. I just released a new song called "No Sorrow". A melancholic yet upbeat indie/dream pop song. I hope you like it!

Hi! I'm Mytriza, a musician and producer from Sweden. I released my first single "Motion" a couple of weeks ago. I'd say it's cinematic indie-pop. Enjoy! 🙂 



Here is a new band from New Orleans with a cool sea creature theme



check out my music, I’m a new artist and really would love to have peoples opinions. I’m a gay singer/songwriter and really trying to connect with people who can relate to my songs and help them to know they are not alone.


Thank you 


Scott x

I just started my career in November, so all of my releases are new 😂.


My album Monochrome came out in November, and my most recent single came out last week.


Artist: Jason Landry 

Sounds great 

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