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Any New Releases?


Any New Releases?



Does anyone have any single releases to share? If so please do? My new single ‘The Sceptic’ came out 24/03/2021 under the link below, thanks Duncan

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Hi, I would like present you my new atmospheric and deep Future Garage / Ambient / Post-dubstep LP album The Way to the Abyss, I will be glad if you check it

One of my newest instrumental tracks, "Closing Fast" has struck a chord with listeners across Spotify, Apple and Audiomack. If you have a chance to give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it!

"Life goes by pretty fast; if you could miss it."--Ferris Buellerdon't stop & look around once in a while, you"Life goes by pretty fast; if you could miss it."--Ferris Buellerdon't stop & look around once in a while, you

I really like it! "Dark Clouds" is my fav. Great track! If you'd like, check out my newest instrumental album, "Processing". See if you like anything there.

Hello everyone!
I have recently released a new song with my indie singer/songwriter music project called Barrelly Ego. Would love to know what you think 🙌
About the song:
While mainly being an ode to the catharsis that creating music can offer, "Salt Of The Earth" also addresses the internal struggle of keeping a healthy balance between the sweet relief of escapism and being a conforming functional member of the proverbial working-class.

Salt Of The Earth


Hello there!
I'm a newbie to Spotify and just released my 4th song called "Verschollen".

Ths track is part of a series of six songs called "Pasatiempos".


My songs are in the singer-songwriter line, mostly jazzy, soothing and often switching languages (in this case, lyrics are in German). I use BandLab technologies to complement guitar and vocals, and sometimes I'm lucky enough to join some refreshing collabs there too 🙂


I'd be glad if you give it a listen and hope you enjoy! 🤗

New single Bluish / Ostinato is out now. It is fusion of Ambient and Post-Rock.
Thank you for support

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