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Artists Wanted Edition No 14 - vote for your favourite song...


Artists Wanted Edition No 14 - vote for your favourite song...

Artists Wanted Edition No 14


Vote for your favourite song


The last edition of Artists Wanted - Share Your Talent With The Community was a success with 19 songs submitted. You can read here the announcement of the winners, Lisbon, Portugal-based world music artist Terramoto with their track "Capelinhos."


For this fourteenth edition, with the theme of "Imaginary Movie Soundtrack," we had a massive 10 submissions that you can find in this post. The Community Music Chat Team has reviewed the songs and selected 3 of them for submission to the Community Users' vote.


The Community Music Chat Team is pleased to announce that the following songs have been selected.


Listed by artists in alphabetical order


Again & Again by binding blank pages, Indie Rock Band from Prague, Czech Republic




"An ill-fated love story told in contrasts: a montage of black and white scenes capture a couple's discord, arguing amidst shadows. The scenes are intercut with vibrant, colorful moments of bliss, where love used to be radiant. 'You lift me up and drop me' echoes in both worlds, intensifying joy in hues and despair in monochrome. The cycle repeats, until it freezes in the grayscale turmoil, and then shatters into a spectrum of hope as the final guitar melody unfolds."


Luminosity by Chris Yost, Jazz/Neo-Soul Musician/Producer from Dallas, United States




"As the train glided through the heart of the city, a lone passenger gazed out the window, captivated by the pulsating cityscape. Neon lights adorned the skyscrapers, casting a glow on the darkened streets below. Against this luminous backdrop, the passenger found solace in the music playing through their headphones."


Galdr by Mudbard, Folk/Classical Musician/Composer/Producer from Enschede, the Netherlands




"Switching scenes between a young witch performing a ritual in her home and a man running bare feet through the snow. Panic in his eyes. No context yet. (Are these different scenes connected?)"


It's time now for the Community to vote for one of these songs.


You can listen to each individual song above, and vote in the poll below:


Note: artists are allowed to mention to their followers, in Spotify, as well as in Social Media, that their song has been selected. Please be fair with all contestants and support participation with our Community by asking them to listen to all submissions.


Voting will be closed on March 4th at Midnight (Pacific Time)



Good luck everyone!
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