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Chill-House mood PLAYLIST/SONGS


Chill-House mood PLAYLIST/SONGS

Guys let's use this page for sharing playlist/tracks about Chill-House music. Here you can find my playlist.


XENOVERSE is a Chill-House playlist based on the last release songs and minestrone one of the Afterlife and chill universe. Feel free to ask suggestions and if you like it please follow.

11 Replies

Great idea! Here are two of mine. The first one is soulful house and the second tech house. Bothe aimed for play on low volume. Enjoy!




Nice playlists, thanks for the sharing 😍

I absolutely love the concept of your Chill-House playlist, XENOVERSE! The blend of the latest release songs with the essence of Afterlife and chill universe is a brilliant idea. Your playlist seems like the perfect mood-setter for unwinding and getting lost in the soothing vibes of Chill-House music. I'm excited to give it a listen and discover some new tracks that will surely elevate my relaxation moments. Thanks for sharing your musical taste and playlist with us. Keep up the great work, and I'll definitely be hitting that follow button! 🎶🏠🌌

Hello, thanks for you message reply for my playlist. I'm spending a lot of time working on this project and XENOVERSE is only the beginning. Please let me know what can i improve o change to be at new level for my playlist. Thanks again.

Hi. I released a new single, this time it's House, it's a combination of melodic and ambient, because "reverb and echo" completes the space. I will be glad for any feedback.

Thanks for all your reply. Your music is more enviroment/piano and can join the other playlist i have called "Peaceful Piano Universe ☯ Neorill ☯". Continue sharing your music, and pushing throught your limit.


For the song of Patros15 "Overflow" I think there are something missing like a more aggresive kik and a voice that guide you throught the song. I also had a look to the other song, try to find your kind of music and keep improving. Do not stop now

We are a 3 members band from Venezuela and we are starting in this world, few weeks ago we released our first Album so I would like to share it with you, and I hope you like it 🤟

Also you can find us as "Acercanía - Instantes" in all the platforms, in the case you feel comfortable using another one. Greetings

Give my playlist a listen: everything everywhere

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