Concerned about climate change? Love to laugh and dance?

Concerned about climate change? Love to laugh and dance?

You may like FrankenClime, the new album by the Jim Ocean Band.



From enviro monsters **bleep** bent on shrink wrapping the earth (‘Plastilla’) to the dangers of the oil economy (‘Road to Gridlock’) and the nuclear “solution” (‘Ghost Towns in Ukraine’); from the new abnormal to why we are doing this, Jim’s writing is always original, sometimes surprising, quirky, and/or irreverent, it’s music for people who like to think, feel, laugh and reflect- and dance.


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Emma Goldman once said if I can’t dance at your revolution, I’m not coming. I think Emma would be happy to dance along with us as we try to change things.


they say we may be
the last to know the redwoods.
you and me,
we're under attack by enviro-monsters,
**bleep** bent on shrink wrapping the earth,
flooding our streets with iceberg melt.
addicted to the oil freeway,
dreaming of a nuclear getaway,
and singing in a dirty shower.
ya, it's a new abnormal alright,
it's so **bleep** obvious.
and we're just bugs...
but we're doing it for love,
and the redwoods.
and while we're changing things
we can laugh and have some fun.
and that's what this album is about.
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