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Creatively promote your music on Spotify


Creatively promote your music on Spotify


There are several creative ways that an independent artist can use to promote their music on Spotify:


  1. Utilize social media: Make use of your social media to promote your music on Spotify. Share links to your music, do live streams, and use hashtags to reach more people.

  2. Make partnerships: Make partnerships with other artists, influencers, and blogs to promote your music. This can help you expand your reach and reach new audiences.

  3. Do email marketing campaigns: Send emails to your contact list, promoting your music and including a link to listen on Spotify.

  4. Be active in the Spotify community: Interact with other artists and users on Spotify, make comments, like and share other artists' music. This can help you build relationships and attract more followers to your music.

  5. Use Spotify promotion tools: Spotify offers various promotion tools for independent artists, such as Spotify for Artists, which allows artists to create custom profiles, track statistics, and promote their music through paid ads.

  6. The benefits of podcasts: Podcasts are a great way to promote your music and connect with your audience. They allow you to share your story, your music and your thoughts with your listeners and create a closer connection with them. Additionally, podcasts allow you to reach a specific audience that may be interested in your music.

  7. Create content related to your music: Create videos, photos, and other content related to your music and share them on social media and Spotify. This can help create interest in your music and increase engagement from your audience.

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Using Spotify, I have created From Zero to 80, a podcast about growing up and growing older. In less than a month I have recorded 10 episodes with another 30 in the planning stage with committed guests.


Would love to discuss how to spread the word, including through Spotify's Marketing Group. To be clear, I create, write, record and edit these on my own (at 80).



Your podcast is intriguing!  As we are an indie band in our 50s (plus I've had to quit teaching due to MS), we're finding it a bit more challenging to get the word out there compared to our younger contemporaries.  If you like decent music please listen here and we'd be up for an interview!

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