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Great Alternative and Indie Playlist? (Hand selected)


Great Alternative and Indie Playlist? (Hand selected)

At the beginning of Spotify in germany I transfered my lovely hand selected Alternative and Indie Playlist from iTunes to Spotify.

Now after a Year this playlist is becoming more and more successful and got over 100 followers! I love Spotify for that incredible work and I love to experience new music.


I wish that Spotify got an Option to communicate with the users. Comments and so on. Please Spotify add something like that.


 If you want check it out and give me some feedback:

Alternative & Indie - The Journey



Thank you great Spotify community!

- Till

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Thanks for sharing, I'll have a listen later 🙂

Stylah -> This is my Indie/alternative pop/rock playlist, i hope you enjoy.

Great playlist.


Take a look at my own eclectic mix here (good party playlist): Eclectic Mix

Hey this is my alternative and psychedellic rock playlist. Enjoy.



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