If you're a new artist but you still don't get the attention you deserve, this post is for you! I m searching for new music to sponsor in my website (Check it out!) so I hope to hear some good ones from you 🙂 


Please tell me a little about the concept and meaning of what you share.



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Hey elenamallia119,
Read your post. If you are looking for a new artist, look no further. I am an independent artist and looking for more people to listen to my music. I have so far self-released an album called, "Whinter Seezyn". The album was all written, produced, and engineered by me. The album theme is about how as kids, we tend to rebel and not conform with the way the world wants us to think, but as we get older, we start to lose the sense of who we are in a creative sense. definitely take a listen when you get the chance.


I also have a new single coming out on June 19th! If you like what you hear from me, be sure to pre-save on Spotify and other platforms!

feel free to follow me on various social media below too!:
TWITTER: @djfrostbyt3

Thanks again! I hope you enjoy it!
- Frostbyt3

Hi Elena, 

On May 25th my band released our debut EP entitled "Dartboard." 


We're a mix of chill rap, jazz, and pop, and this EP focuses on the relationship between adolescence, irreparable mistakes, and the passing of time. To get a feel for who we are, I would suggest listening to the tracks Wheel and Dartboard specifically. For a more in depth background of my writing process for the song Dartboard, you can check out this link: 


Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. Feel free to follow us on Instagram if you like what you hear.




Hey there! My name is Jack Manus and I'm a 21yr old independent artist from Brisbane, Australia. Last week on my 21st birthday, I released my debut single 'Dream?'

'Dream?' is a song with a few different meanings, but it is mainly about a vision I had that involved my partner and I alone on a beautiful beach at dusk where in that moment it hit us that life was exactly where we wanted it with all our lifelong dreams achieved. This vision drove me to do something that I have always wanted to do - release music into the world, which I am now finally doing through my debut song 'Dream?'. The song features an infectious recurring hook that will get stuck in your head and have you humming it for the next few days (maybe even weeks). It has all the right blends of pop, rock, and even some psychedelic elements that make for an epic anthem for the dreamers out there.


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Heavily Endowed is a good tune made for the pretty ladies them. A love song and filled with nice rhythm and lyrics. Listen to it below.


I'm Berk Turan and I am a fresh producer from Istanbul, Turkey. I have released 3 singles and an EP. I hope that you enjoy to listen them.

The website link isn't working.


Born and raised in the diverse borough of Queens, New York, Amani was surrounded by a vibrant and influential music scene from a young age. He developed a passion for hip hop and rap music, and began writing and performing his own tracks as a teenager. Originally going by the name "Amani", he later changed his artist name to "Amani Hiphop" (inspired by Token Hiphop) due to the name "Amani" being taken on every platform. Now he is 19 years old and ready to take over the world with his music. After relocating to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas (also known as "The Valley") in 2010, Amani was inspired by the unique culture and sound of the region, which he incorporated into his music. He began performing at local clubs and events, and steadily gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciated lyricism and flow that had an "old-school" influence. Amani is deeply grateful for the support of his fans, and credits them as one of his biggest sources of inspiration. He loves the Rio Grande Valley and its rich cultural heritage, and is dedicated to using his music to bring people together and make a positive impact on his community. At the same time, he never forgets his roots in New York and pays homage to the city's influence on his sound and style. Amani is a talented and dedicated artist who is committed to creating meaningful and authentic music for his fans.


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