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[Indie] Pop/Chill/Electronic vibes music recommendation!


[Indie] Pop/Chill/Electronic vibes music recommendation!

GM music lovers! 🌅 excited to share my recent favourite indie singer-song writer and producer - Anna hisbbuR and her latest EP “I”:

🎵Listen here:

🎧EP "I" is available on all music streaming platforms. Go check it out!

1️⃣ I think I’m sick
2️⃣ Fallen Angel
3️⃣ I can’t be you
4️⃣Apart, so

All 4 tracks are personally crafted by Anna hisbbuR – composed, arranged, produced, and with lyrics written by her.

🔎About the EP:
This EP delves into themes of loneliness, trauma, feeling numb of everything and the struggle to escape. If you’ve ever experienced the heaviness of loneliness, you might discover solace, comfort and understanding in this album.

🎤About the Artist:
Anna hisbbuR is a young independent singer-songwriter-producer, based in Hong Kong/Asia. She has captured audience’s heart with her straight-forward lyrics, airy vocals and her unique dark yet relaxed style of musical composition.

Hope you enjoy the musical journey, and let me know what you think!

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