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Introducing Black Sauce + Call for Exchange


Introducing Black Sauce + Call for Exchange


This is Emilio, from Italy.

Few months ago I joined Andrea Guagneli’s project “Black Sauce”.

Black sauce is an organization which aims at supporting and propagating contemporary Black music culture.


Black Sauce has worked towards this goal in the past couple of years mainly through three digital platforms: 


  • Facebook : here we have Black Sauce official page, definitely our most active profile. Here, everyday, several times a day, new songs/albums/video/lives/articles are posted, as we try to keep our lovely community always updated with freshest releases;


  • Spotify : here we have Black Sauce official playlist “Dipped in the Sauce”, periodically updated with some of the best latest releases of the weeks. The playlist is meant to be a smooth trip through the many different shades of contemporary Black music and it will be soon accompanied by some new more focused playlists we are currently working on;


  • Mixcloud : here we have a rich selection of mixtapes (some of which successfully made it to emerge in bandcamp global charts) prepared by our founder Andrea Guagneli and classified in different “recipes”, each one meant to be associated to different vibes of contemporary Black music and affiliated genres. A new mixtape is out every three weeks;


We are now trying to “step up” with Black Sauce, moving in different directions. We are in contact with some local radios and labels, we are planning events for the future and we will soon start moving our first steps into the research of new fresh talents and review writing. 


I am posting this here not just for a shameless express request of support, even if all the support received is always much appreciated. I am writing this here because I’d like to get in contact with people who can relate with Black Sauce and with managing a similar organization/reality, possibly with the goals of collecting and sharing tips and resources and of being involved in a network, also for gaining some “strength in numbers” through reciprocal support. So…tips? ideas? other realities to share? Bring them on!


Thanks in advance for the attention. Looking forward to get in contact with interested people.


Wish the best luck to all of you who put some effort in making more music spread around the planet.


Emilio from Black Sauce

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