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Is it safe for music to appear on repostng playlists


Is it safe for music to appear on repostng playlists

See this playlist as an example:


My music is getting lots of streams from it. Is this problematic?


Is it a legit playlist with real followers? 


I would imagine if it wasn't, that Spotify would have removed it long ago?



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I'm curious where this thread goes as my music also just showed up on this playlist.


Yeah, really curious about this; no mails, no ”pay us monthly” and not a word about the profile; we just get a couple of thousands streams, and then it’s over ..! Who gains from this? We ..? Spotify ..? 
Johan, SoulKing

Same here. No idea who these clowns are and I have no relationship with them; I'm just sitting here now glumly waiting for their unwanted, unasked for bogus streams to screw up my algorithms for all time. Unfathomable that this is tolerated.


saw this today also with an old song from us. around 1500 plays from an repostng playlist. but the song is now already removed from the list... maybe a bug or someone took a wrong link?

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