Do you know what MUSICAL PROJECTION is and what it is capable of doing with the career of a new artist?


In order for an artist to succeed, the LABEL needs to create the new artist's projection project based on three pillars. These pillars, in addition to TURNING DOWN the artist's career, also support his SUCCESS and his permanence in the market and this system is MUSICAL PROJECTION.


Everyone knows that it is necessary to create a good base of strategies, tactics and, above all, excellent marketing, so that things go according to plan. But really, do you know what base this is? So pay attention, I'll explain it to you now:


Pillar 1: "Business Model" We all know that it doesn't take a lot of talent to become a successful artist, but it does require an artist to have a lot of originality. Sometimes we see extremely bad artists in the market and some even bizarre ones being successful, but if you notice, behind all this strangeness, there is something original, and originality in the music market makes all the difference. Even though they were strangers, these artists were able to present a business model that did not yet exist.


Pillar 2: Branding - "Brand Positioning". It is very important for the artist to position his brand well in the market, more directly in the niche in which he operates.


Pillar 3: "Continuous Process". The ability to continue with things that are going right. Statistics state that only 5% of new artists that are launched on the market manage to consolidate their careers beyond the product's life cycle, which can vary according to the style between 2 to 5 years. That's why few artists manage to stay in the market for generations. So, did you like this article? Comment your point of view on the topics covered here. A big hug and even more!

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