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Looking for specific band contact or social media information.


Looking for specific band contact or social media information.

HI everyone I write musical theater and in my journeys thru the music sites I ran across 2 bands, on a different site but they are both also listed on Spotify.  I am hoping to contact them for possible collaboration but can find no way of doing so.


I have licensed all of my music thru one other company, and again, most of those artist's are also on here.  And am not sure if the site where I found this music is able to license it for my use.  I do not have a specific project for these songs at this time, I am always writing songs and scenes and have a reserve of songs for any future projects that may arise, or if I just like the music and hear a song in my head.


So I am hoping someone may know of, may be able to put me in contact with or put them in contact with me to see if they may like like what I have come up with. I can provide links to my sites, contacts and songs in any reply and I am apologize if this is not the proper forum for this post?


The 2 bands are GUM with the album, sorry to date myself but they will always be albums lol, "Later Days", and Mom Bod - album "Reveler".  And there seems to be possible multiple bands using the same names for each? So the ones associated with the album titles are who I am looking for, and these both seem to originate from that other site. Don't care to mention them, just because I am not really sure about their services and by no means, mean to say anything inaccurate about them?


I can find no current or active social media for these two bands so if anyone can point me or them in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


Replies can be sent thru this message or contact thru my website.


Thank you any help

Steve Pinkerman

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