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New instrumental Shoegaze and or Post-Rock from bands under the radar


New instrumental Shoegaze and or Post-Rock from bands under the radar


doing instrumental stuff does make it little harder to find place, but there's lot of great stuff along those lines.


Just dropped, here is a playlist with only current songs - mainly 2023 - with best instrumental Shoegaze/ Post-Rock by emerging bands under the radar only. 


There are people who say that such music is excellent for studying, learning, working... I don't know, I'm too old for that, but it's definitely very very great music from rather unknown bands. Discover it and support the artists!


Cover artist: SALVANA (Spanish-based Shoegaze band), Photo by Tino Solé


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Hi, @Blackmarket nice to meet you, my name is Javier, never a bad option to listen to some post-rock tracks, I want to share with you a couple of artists (unknown) that worth a listen, and if you enjoy them you can give them a follow and check out their music


This is Joshua AKA Shockpowder we have covered a few times in the blog and here you have a snippet of his newest track released:


Shockpowder’s sound has been described as “metalgazing” in other articles, as a way of describing his heavier-than-average brand of shoegaze. Naturally, that sentiment alone was enough pique my interest in this project. And indeed, with this latest single, Shockpowder embodies that vibe to a tee. I think it’s due time to coin that phrase. That is one defining thing that makes his music unique. You don’t come across artists every day that do what they do so well that they could arguably be a new genre in and of themselves. Ready to give it a spin? 


We also covered the following artist, here you have a snippet of his review 


Robin Jax, the force behind Robin Plays Chords  (or in some circles of the internet depending on where you are listening, by naming convention “RobinPlaysChords“) is also one-half of the “transatlantic” (Warwickshire and Seattle) duo called The Companions, as well as guitarist, backing vocalist, and member of The Shining Tongues. He is also the founder of Tiergarten Records , a record label that encompasses an eclectic catalogue of independent artists. And perhaps one of the most significant elements of his overall artistic expression is his advocacy for autistic people. Jax himself does not shy away from sharing his self-realizations or struggles with it, nor his ethos behind supporting artists who are neurodivergent. In fact, as he mentioned in an article with The Guardian, representing and supporting neurodivergent artists is the basis for him starting the record label. 


This is the link for his album the final track is over the 13 minutes mark 


And finally QOMA and here you have a quote from the artist:


“This Song encapsulates all the weird and wonderful music I’ve ever grown up with while featuring one of those very musician’s on the track, Kellii Scott. His band Failure’s influence is highly eminent in my life and this song is my tribute in return.” – Qoma 


Let me know if you enjoy them, cheers!!!





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Hi Javier, thank you very much for your message.

Great tunes. I have added "Evergreen Solace" by Shockpowder to these playlists: and


And "Shadows in Sway" by Qoma to this playlist:


Thank you very much for your recommendations, wish you all the best, Thomas

I follow you on Instagram, you can check all my playlists  - or on Instagram. Maybe you have other recommendations for emerging/ unsigned artists.

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