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[New release] Please add it to your playlists!


[New release] Please add it to your playlists!

Hi there new music diggers!


Marcus Renno released two albums in 2021 under Sonic Mud Records, please find them Below. 'D3vil's womb' (3 to avoid the bleep), from the Album 'Lituus' is the latest song we've been promoting in UK and it is getting great attention by the media. Also the song 'Top of the world' from the album 'Do not press this button' has great reviews. Please have a listen and feel free to add it to your playlists! 🙂


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I love both of those songs! So much in fact that I did indeed decide to add it to my curated playlist, "Roadtrip". You can check it here:

Would be greatly appreciated if you could drop it a like and share it on your social medias 🙂

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