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Noob here: be gentle! New music from Ambient and Chill


Noob here: be gentle! New music from Ambient and Chill

Hey Everybody,


Much to my embarrassment, I'd never even seen this side of Spotify!! 🤣
I miss the good ole community-type setups like this.


Anyway, my name's Dan Armstrong - both a musician/artist and music-lover. I'm an old git (sorry!). I've spent more time creating the music than getting to grips with the platform of Spotify, so please bare with me!

I'm always keen to hear new music  - my current material is on my Spotify page 

If you like electronic chill-out and ambient stuff, erring on the side of a little more commercial, this might be for you. Big sounds, luscious pads, some beats, great bass and melodies are what I'm about.
I don't know about linking out of the community, but my website is 

This isn't all one-way shameless promo: I would love to hear from others and their music - that's what it's all about. 

Any being ultra-nerdy, if there's any tech-talk: studios, toys etc, I'm SO there!!!😂
I'm interested in playlists too, so I hope this is OK.

I look forward to chatting with people and joining in (better late than never eh?)

BIG love,


6 Replies

Hey Dan I love your music! Thanks for sharing it. I have followed your profile and added both of your albums to my A COSMIC JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE playlist.

That's really kind of you to say Lee, and thank you for including me 🙂 I've followed back too 🙂

Dano 🙂

Thank you as well!

Hey, Dan! Thanks for sharing your music! 


Every now and then I put some ambient to focus and work / read. 


I'm also noob to Spotify community! haha
Remembered today to log in and decided to connect with some people!


I started making music recently and I've been experimenting with ambient as well. 

Hope you give it a listen and tell me what you think!







Sounding good! Love the artwork as well 🙂

Thanks! Glad you liked the artwork. Messed around with some photos using some brushes in the earlier releases!

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