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Playlists Recommendations and Liked Songs Share


Playlists Recommendations and Liked Songs Share

I just wanted to start off by saying, I am very pleased with Spotify and have been happy user for a while now. I love everything about how seamlessly I can use it between devices, and constant ui improvements are always a +. smart shuffle is a very cool idea and im sure the implementation will only improve. A quality of life thing I’ve always wanted to see implemented is a way to directly dump all liked songs into a playlist to share with friends. As of right now, liked songs can’t be made public, and if you wanted to share your liked songs, you’d spend your week clicking each song individually. Also, I think it would be really cool to try a new feature that shows you playlists made by other users similar to your own playlists or user-made playlists that have a lot of your liked songs in them. I just think improvements on finding new niche artists and sharing those artists with other people is infinitely beneficial for every party and I really appreciate the work you guys put in. Have a good one (yes I posted this in music discussion. I just now noticed this board and realized it’d be better suited here. cheers!)

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