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Question about pitching to editors


Question about pitching to editors


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Hello. I am an songwriter and artist on Spotify. I have just uploaded and distributed a new single with a release date of October 23.


During the making of the song, however, I had the option to make it long or short, The long version in about 4 minutes and 50 seconds, while the short version (the "radio edit", if you will) around a minute or so shorter.


The long version has an ABABCAB structure while the short version is ABABCB. Both versions are good. I like the long version better but am concerned that there might be a preferred song length for playlists that will give it more of an opportunity to appear on a given playlist.


Right now, the long version had been sent through the distributor and appears on my Spotify for Artists page, ready for pitching. However, I would like the editors to know that they have an option to get the shorter version if that would help the song to appear on a playlist.


Therefore, my question is, would it be better to:


1. Pitch the long version which has already been sent and is scheduled for release on October 23 and in the written pitch, inform them that I will make the shorter version available only if they feel they would prefer it, in which case I would then upload and distribute the short version.




2. Upload and distribute the short version right away, alongside the longer version, for the same October 23rd release date at which point I would inform Spotify Playlist editors that there is a short version available that will be dropping the same day (to which they can listen to right away) and if they want to include it on a playlist, they can simply choose which one they prefer.




3. Upload and distribute both songs (as in option 2) and pitch both songs do them one after an other which will permit them to go whichever one they think would work better.


I look forward to receiving your reply.



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