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Share an indepedent artist


Share an indepedent artist

Hello guys! there is my album from 2017, fresh songs going from progressive house to alternative. I am inspirated by all electronics genres. be sure to share in your playlist if you like and want to help new independent artist ... and if you want discover more of my works, go on


" If you are an artist and you want share  your work, please do it, I am always happy to discover new talents who inspire me "



43 Replies

New acoustic demo EP 'Connect', please let me know what you think!

Its not my kind of music but I appreciated it. Keep the good work dude

Here's my new album - "Passion Play"

Getting ready to release a new album this year, here's my previous album, Graphic Nature...


Please Follow 🙂

Would love if you would check out my band Coldswell. We are an Alternative/Shoegaze band from Cleveland Ohio.


Thanks for listening!


I would love your feedback on this


thanks !!!

Been releasing music Independantly for years now. 

This is basically some of the best work we've come through with:

Hey ! 

As I can hear.. your musum Is very different to mine but maybe you'd like it !


Breeze is online now, a deep and warm chill tune.

Hope you enjoy!


A Sussex-based songwriter who blends elements of folk, blues and Jazz. This is the title track from his last album

This is a friend's album, he Raps in Neapolitan, hope you like! 😉

Hey, I play in a Hip Hop Brass Band have banged together a playlist with some originals from our debut album and a few covers.

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