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Share an indepedent artist


Share an indepedent artist

Hello guys! there is my album from 2017, fresh songs going from progressive house to alternative. I am inspirated by all electronics genres. be sure to share in your playlist if you like and want to help new independent artist ... and if you want discover more of my works, go on


" If you are an artist and you want share  your work, please do it, I am always happy to discover new talents who inspire me "



43 Replies

I'd like to present Alcuna Wilds to you! We've been playing 3 years now, doing gigs in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium.


New music is coming soon! Hope you like!

Roses by Soufyan, now being streamed in Dutch playlists.

Dropped an EP 14th of May called Valentine.

Roses is about how the love of his life changed his life, in both good and bad ways.


This is his most streamed song at the moment.

Hey, you might like my debut 'Sirens'? Hopefully you like what you hear and always open to collabs! Best, DØM

Hi There, want to thank you for blessing me with your time and consideration.

This is my version of a tropical pop party song ( Clean Lyrics), Uptempo, Summer Dance feeling song.The tropical Island vibes comes from My Accent that shines through here and there. I am originally from the US Virgin Islands. Been doing this music journey here for about 11 years now, has been bitter sweet lol 😃

I am truly seeking playlist placements because I know and value the immense power of the Music Curator. Truly grateful for the opportunity and avenues you all present. Truly hope my song and music is a fit for your audience and this can be the start of a beautiful relationship. Thank you again for your time and Have a blessed one!

Warm Regards

- Nyah



Hey, you might like my debut 'Sirens'. Thanks, DØM

A collection of midi-style softsynth fugues, sonatas, and other composed works.  Kinda novelty and tounge in cheek, but fun listening.

Hi, this guy is super dope. he has his production company called superior productionz and he just released a project. you guys should check it out.

Adjust the Sails!

We're new to Spotify, this is the most popular song off our first release! Hope you guys dig it!

Hey! I'm an independent singer-songwriter based in Canada. Here is my latest album released in 2016 called "These Paper Wings"


Gotta Be a Lot of Things - check out my page for over 100 original demo tracks.

If you like Ambient, Future Garage, Post-dubustep, Downtempo you can check

Check out my artist XAWN new EP | Eden Copse. Filled with meaningful lyrics, chill vibes, and dope beats! Based out of Vancouver, BC , XAWN seeks to capture the hearts of all with his heartfelt lyrics and life experiences in song! Give him a listen!

Santi Buenaventura 

Here is my spotify. Hope you like it!

About as independent as you can get. This Liverpool based Post Punk / Art Rock band are full of surprises. Check out the other material. Featuring home made instruments, found sounds, mandolin, melodica and many other unusual elements for a rock band. This lot are full of surprises.


More material will be released very soon......... 

Hi yall!

Every song I've made is like a piece of art - from crying your eyes out from heartbreak to dancing around the fire, i try to imbue a lot of my personal story with large metaphors that make people feel and release emotions while listening to a cool story!

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