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Share your House - Tech House tracks

Share your House - Tech House tracks

Hi guys, 


I was wondering if there are many producers on here that are still undiscovered and want to share there music. Below I have listed all my released tracks. Please feel free to reply and give me some feedback or share your latest productions with me!!


Nodiance - Breathin'

This was my first release on Spotify, so it will always have a special feeling.


Nodiance - Be Good

Next we came up with this track that provides a boost in your day and exudes positive energy!


Nodiance - Thinkin' About You

Our last release, here we went for a record to unleash on and shake the legs loose.


Give it a listen and enjoy!


kind regards, 



Instagram - @wearenodiance

Thanks for following, much love

2 Replies

Hi Nodiance I love the upbeat feeling of Breathin!!!


I'd love to share this amazing artist I work with Judy Aron; her instrumental album takes you on a sonic journey!


I'm at a Loss for Words 

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